Water Damage Restoration Fairfield County CT

Water Damage Restoration Fairfield County CT

 “My refrigerator water line broke and water leaked through the floor and walls. I called you guys and you came within the hour. You explained everything I needed to expect. Very professional. Thank you!” – (Katie, Stamford CT)

Water Damage Restoration Phases:
  • Water Damage Mitigation
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Restoration

What to expect if you have water damage:
Water damage in your home can be a very tricky situation, and needs to be handled properly. If not, the root cause of the problem can persist and you can also negate insurance coverage if you purchased home insurance. Here is a simple water damage restoration process that you can follow to ensure you do things the right way:

Call 911Storm at (203) 309-0123 and tell us what's going on. Take lots of pictures! We'll explain shortly.

  • If there is a water source that is causing some sort of water intrusion, try to shut off the water main in your home or building. This will prevent further water intrusion and further damage to occur. Then, call 911Storm and tell us what’s going on. We will come to help immediately!
  • If the water source is coming from a roof leak, you will need to immediately cover where the water is coming in. This is very important! If you wait to properly mitigate the current cause of damage, you can negate your insurance coverage. There’s a good chance that your insurance company will not cover damages that you allowed to persist for months. Long-term leaks in the ceiling are obvious and insurance adjusters are trained to make that distinction. So, call 911Storm and we’ll even climb up on the roof to do a quick patch or install a temporary tarp to prevent further damage.
  • Take plenty of “before, during, and after” pictures! Proper documentation is key, especially when dealing with your insurance company. Insurance companies will not just “take your word for it” and will need proof. Call 911Storm and we will properly document with our professional equipment, including moisture testing. Our job is to ensure that your situation is properly documented to present the case to your insurance company, so you can receive a fair settlement to cover your losses.
  • The water damage cleanup and drying will then begin. Any water or moisture will need to be dried from all surfaces. Please note that the source of water will be taken into consideration. Without getting too technical, just know that water from pipes that feed your faucets are very different than water that is flushed down the toilet or any other drains. Call 911Storm and we will handle any situation professionally.
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