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“I had my furnace serviced and when the technician turned it on, a “gas burner puff back” occurred and smoke blew out  the vents and everywhere throughout the house. Soot got on the walls, carpeting, ceiling, furniture, literally everywhere! I called you for help and you explained everything in detail what we needed to do, to cleanup all the harmful soot. Honestly, I couldn’t have done this all myself. Thank you.” – (Cathy, Stamford CT)

What to Expect If You Have Smoke and Soot Damage in Your Home:

Smoke and soot damage in your home is very deceiving. Have you ever seen “cob webs” in the top corner of a room? Guess what, that’s not always from spiders. It’s actually smoke particles that stick together and form a web-like structure. You’ll find these in the coolest part of the room. It is evidence of smoke that spread throughout the house.

Smoke and soot stick to everything it is exposed to, like a thin layer of dust, but is more destructive than people realize. Soot can affect electronic appliances and cause premature failure. Soot sticks to walls, ceilings, flooring, carpeting, toys, appliances, furniture, clothing, window treatments, ornate woodwork, everything! You can either wipe down everything yourself OR call 911Storm to have this done smoke clean up professionally and have it covered by your insurance policy. We’ll even move all your content for you and send any appliances away to get tested and serviced.

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One last thing to know about smoke and soot: the smell. One-square-inch of soot can emit an odor that can cause headaches, nausea, and other physical ailments. When the temperature is right, these microscopic spores release the odor and can cause issues for your family and pets. Call 911Storm and we will not only remove all the smoke and soot, but also provide you scientific proof through our air quality testing equipment.

Fireplace Puff Back

When the cold season approaches, homeowners often times fire up the fireplace without first checking to see if there are any blockages in the chimney. If there is a blockage, then you can already guess what will happen if you place a burning log underneath it. Smoke and soot will back up into the home and hopefully the smoke detectors will sound off to let you know something is wrong. At that point, the soot damage is done and potentially spread throughout your home. If you caught it quickly, you can try airing out the smoke by opening all the windows. But if the smoke sits in your home, it’ll eventually make it throughout every room and soot will hide in the coolest corners.

Oil Burner Puff Back & Gas Burner Puff Back

​If you have a fuel-burning appliance, like a gas/oil furnace, gas/wood-burning stove, etc, you can experience “puff-back” where there is some sort of a blockage in the exhaust system that causes the smoke to exit into the home instead of out. Puff-back happens quite often as people normally do not clean out these exhaust systems. Surprisingly, puff-back is covered under most home insurance policies. Call 911Storm to discuss your situation.

Puff Back Cleaning

Puff back cleaning is one of our specialties. Our process starts at the source of the puff back to ensure the problem is not persisting. Our team of professionals are skilled in many of the different trades and can assess the situation. If the puff back spread throughout the home through the vents, we will ensure that a complete HVAC duct cleaning is performed to avoid any further soot contamination from occurring.

Our crew will then further assess the extent of the soot damage and properly test and document. If there are a lot of personal items, home decor, clothes, and furniture that are affected, we will engage other professional damage restoration companies to assist in your situation.

Soot damage can potentially affect everything in your home, and is quite stressful for the homeowner. We deal with this sort of thing all the time and we will calmly walk you through the entire process and make sure you’re comfortable. Call us today for a free consultation.

Smoke Damage Clean Up

How to clean up soot is not as easy as just wiping down the walls with paper towels and regular cleaning supplies. Since soot is not like regular dust, it is an oil-based type of dust and needs to be properly lifted and contained. There are special sponges and cleaning cloths that are specially designed for soot to stick to them. If you try to wipe the soot using a paper towel or regular sponge, you’ll simply be swirling and embedding the oily soot dust further into the wall or surface.

After Fire Smoke Damage Clean Up

One of the most devastating experiences a homeowner can have is a house fire and figuring out the right course of action to clean up after the fire. We are the people to call through this very challenging time and will treat your situation as our own. We understand the mental and physical challenges you’ll have to deal with and time is of the essence. We will properly document the entire process to ensure the insurance claim is not compromised. Due to insurance fraud, many insurance companies are very stringent in their insurance adjustments and rightfully so. We are true professionals and back everything up with expert processes and restoration techniques that the insurance companies appreciate.

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