Crawl Space Clean Up Fairfield County CT

Crawl Space Cleaning Services Fairfield County CT

“For months, we noticed a lingering smell that seemed to come from behind the walls and didn’t know what the heck it was. After some investigating, we found a dead rodent under the house in the crawl space. I tried to find a good crawl space company near me and 911Storm came out to help. No way I would have went under there to clean up, and my wife wouldn’t do it either, lol. Thank you!” – (Rick, Norwalk CT)

Professional Crawl Space Cleaning

Many homes that do not have a basement, might have a crawl space underneath the house. This crawl space is the space in between the bottom of the house and the ground. Some crawl spaces have a cement foundation and some have dirt. Regardless of what type of crawl space you may have, it is important to minimize pests, debris, and moisture to ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family. We provide professional crawl space cleaning services.

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Crawl Space Solutions

There are many different types of crawl space solutions to choose from, depending on the area you live in. If you are in a flood zone and water intrusion is common, you will want to make sure your crawl space can quickly drain and dry. If not, then you will certainly have issues with mold growing up and into your home. That’s never a good thing.

If you live in an area that has squirrels, field mice, raccoons (bear family, not rodents), and skunks, you definitely want to minimize the chance of these creatures to hide in your crawl space.

In the event that your crawl space has been contaminated in any way, call us for a free inspection and we will take care of your situation and do our best to prevent further issues.

Crawl Space Moisture Removal & Mold Removal

Everyone knows when moisture sits, it will translate into a messy and yucky mold situation. Crawl spaces are a perfect place for mold to thrive. So the name of the game is to clean up any mold, dry all surfaces, treat all surfaces with a protective (and environmentally safe) product, and ensure good ventilation for quick drying. Not all crawl spaces are the same, but we’ve seen them all.

Give us a call if you have crawl space water problems. Damp crawl space solutions are our specialty! We’ll take care of you.

Crawl Space Odor & Smell

If you have a crawl space odor, leave the investigating to the crawl space professionals! Unfortunately, not all crawl spaces are easily accessible. It’s really quite a dirty and challenging task. Pests and insects can easily get underneath and build their nests. Often times, they leave their “droppings” all over and cause a smelly issue that will get into your home. Also, some animals might get injured and try to find a final resting place. We deal with dead cats. raccoons, mice, and squirrels quite often in crawl spaces. Call us and we’ll handle all of these for you, hassle-free!

Crawl Space Insulation and Crawl Space Encapsulation

Cold air and moisture oftentimes comes from underneath the home. If you have poor crawl space insulation, you might want to consider craw space encapsulation to minimize cold air intrusion into your home. You can save a good amount of money from heating costs if you properly insulate and encapsulate your crawl spaces.

If you need a good crawl space insulation contractor, call us today and we’ll take a look.

Crawl Space Contractors Near Me

If you’re looking for a crawl space contractor near you, look no further. We service primarily the Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport areas of Connecticut, but if you are really struggling to find quality crawl space professionals, just give us a call. We love what we do and love helping people.

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