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Most unwanted interior leaks such as roofing, wind and hail damages are unexpected and not predicted. Most of the time, property owners are just not ready with the proper emergency recovery plan, including specific technical tools and materials.

We are local, certified, insured, fully equipped and ready to HELP you for your commercial or residential property!

911Storm offers 24-Hour Emergency Recovery Services for property owners with immediate response to protect your property and minimize future losses.

Within ONE HOUR, our recovery team will assess your damage and immediately provide required services to keep your property safe and protected.

As a property owner, YOU SHOULD KNOW that a fast-PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE to your water emergency situation is the only right way left to MINIMIZE both EMOTIONAL and FINANCIAL DAMAGE after the disaster.

Our Services

911Storm offers a wide variety of damage restoration services to keep your family safe and your house and business dry.

Fire, Smoke and Soot damage removal and cleaning 

Water damage mitigation, Structural Drying, Cleaning and Disinfection

Bacteria and Allergen removal and property disinfection

Mold Testing, Removal, Cleaning and Prevention

Odor removal

Air Quality monitoring, normalization and control

Why Choose 911Storm?

Our experienced Property Damage specialist will professionally pre-inspect your property and document the damage with every detail absolutely free of charge, and more importantly, free of a claim and any other obligations.

Property Damage specialist will explain you what the cause of the problem and whether or not it is something your policy will cover.

With 911Storm you have a professional team of certified and experienced industry experts for diagnosing your repair needs, exploring your best options, and working with you to design the best the possible solution that resolve all of your property recovery issues.

We work with EVERY insurance provider to mitigate fire, water, smoke and mold losses.

We professional assist every customer/property owner with all reports. photos and required documentation on every insurance claim.

We are IICRC, RSA, OSHA and EPA certified contractor. 

We only use GREEN, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic products, equipment and technology for 13 years.

911 Storm

We Know a Thing or Two About Insurance

We work with most trusted insurance companies.

Chances are we work with yours too.

Here are some of the companies we work with on a regular basis.


If you do unfortunately experience damage to your property, call 911Storm and our team of trained professionals will be happy to help you restore your home or business, good as new!

911Storm is your go-to emergency damage restoration expert. We offer a suite of premier restoration and remediation services so business or residential physical damage is handled right the first time.

Serving the greater Bridgeport region and the surrounding area for over 20 years, 911 Storm Restoration has expertise in removing water damaged areas and applying the best-in-class damage restoration techniques – for both commercial and residential buildings.

As a licensed contractor we can efficiently and properly handle any damage situation – guaranteed. We provide preventative inspections to make sure a minor flaw doesn’t turn into a larger problem. With 911 Storm, unexpected damage that residents and businesses commonly encounter will be taken care of with the highest level of customer service possible and unmatched workmanship.

Raf Volkov

Dear Customer,

At every job we use the safest techniques and latest highly efficient equipment to deliver the best possible result to the customer. Our goal is to return your property back to you in even better condition than it was prior to loss. So, after when our work is done, your family be back to normal life in much safer indoor environment that it was before. Guaranteed!

With Respect,
Raf Volkov,
Owner 911 Storm

About Raf Volkov & 911Storm

Personally in business since 1985 when I worked for Russian government as an environmental inspector with the main focus on Toxicology and Radiology in Regional research and testing Institution, covering the region of central Russia. In 1986 examined towns, villages, food processing facilities and farms of central Russian region for toxic and radioactive contamination after the Chernobil accident. 

In 1986 been promoted to Senior Engineer in toxicology and Radiology Department.

Master Degree: Agricultural Engineer. Proficiency: Toxicology. Earned degrees in Computer Science and Business Management as well. Afterwards, established several businesses where specialized on clean (green) food processing and industry research. 

Immigrated to US in 1995 and worked for a several years for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical corporations. In 2004 established my own company to work on research and testing of new products to eliminate indoor contamination of mold, bacteria, allergens and viruses. Personally performed hundreds of mitigation, sanitation and disinfection projects for municipal, commercial and residential customers. 

Obtained multiple industry certifications with OSHA, EPA, IICRC and RSA. Conducted training in NY and NJ for Groups of Public Adjusters on Mold, Bacteria and water related property damages in commercial and residential buildings.

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